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Standard & Oversized Doors information

Custom made products are not easy to put a price tag on as there are may variables. Generally speaking you should allow between $1000 to $1200 to have a triple locked, standard sized Security Door manufactured & installed.

A standard door dimension in Australia is up to 860mm width and 2150mm height.

Therefore, should your Door be larger, additional costs will be incurred. 

OVERSIZE Height information


Up to 2150mm

OVERSIZE Height  x1

2150mm to 2400mm

Over 2400mm height. Price to be determined.

Rays Door Drawing.jpg


Up to 860mm 

OVERSIZE Width x 1

 860mm to 1018mm to 1300mm

OVERSIZE width x 2

1019mm to 1300mm


Over 1300 width. Price to be determined.

A Standard Size Door measures up to 850mm Wide

and 2050mm in Height



OVERSIZE Width information

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