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Restricted View

C&R Home Ideas-Clearview Security Mesh-Melbourne-Frankston-Seaford-Cranbourne-Currum Downs


C&R Home Ideas have a range of supaTOUGH Security Doors to suit different homes, different styles, and different requirements. We have the Security Doors that Melbourne customers trust, because our Doors display the Security features that they need.

Standard features companies may call extras, you will be pleased to find that every C&R Home Ideas supaTOUGH security door has, 2 mm perforated aluminium mesh or 316 grade stainless steel mesh as standard and 3 safe secure hinges. 

You can also customise your security door with twenty-five different colour options, and a range of styles to suit any home.

Stylish & Secure

Just like our security doors, our screen doors won’t let you down. With a range of features, you can enjoy an easy, breezy summer when you trust in C&R Home Ideas Security’s screen doors. Melbourne customers can choose from varying mesh types, including restricted view, Clearview, 316 Stainless Steel Pet-mesh or Flyscreen 

Each screen door manufactured by the C&R Home Ideas team features a single point locking system, and three safe and secure hinges. These doors are built to last, with a weather seal strip, a twelve-month service warranty, and a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Installing screen doors and window screens at convenient locations at your home, you will be able to enjoy a cool cross-breeze at any time – making the most of evaporative or passive cooling.

Secure Your Home with Our Security Screen Doors for Melbourne

Here at C&R Home Ideas, we understand that everyone will have different priorities when it comes to their security screen doors. Melbourne locals will find a wide variety of practical, beautiful, and secure doors in our range, so that everyone can choose the door that best suits their needs.

For many people, the ideal function of a security screen door is to keep everything unwanted out (flies, mosquitoes, intruders) whilst letting everything that they want in (a cool breeze, sunlight, a garden view). You can have doors that fulfil this purpose, whilst also adding the features that make the door uniquely suited to your purposes. You can choose the pet mesh that ensures your beloved pets don’t wreck the door in their eagerness to get out, and also install the pet door that lets them in whenever needed.

Create Your Ideal Lifestyle with Sliding Screen Doors in Melbourne

With sliding screen doors, Melbourne homeowners can enjoy the best of indoor/outdoor living. You can be inside and still enjoy a beautiful summer’s day (without the flies) or create a transition between the kitchen and outdoor areas for easy evening entertaining.

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