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Security Doors. Why should I have one? What type of Security Door should I buy?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Here are some considerations from C&R Home Ideas about purchasing a Security or Screen Door

Security & Privacy The average burglar looks for a soft target At C&R Home Ideas Security Door will give the impression that your home is well secured and therefore acts as a potential deterrent to intruders.  It says: “Try somewhere else!”. Security Doors & Window Screens are also popular because of their ability to maintain increased privacy.  2mm Aluminium Restricted View Mesh is slotted and pressed to form a limited view for people looking in whilst giving you a clear view to see who is at your door. DVA mesh is a lighter version with the same result. Great for your privacy and stopping people looking inside your home.

Add Value to Your Home As well as protecting and securing your home, another benefit to having a security door is that it will add value to your home. Security Doors usually add appeal & worth to your overall property should you ever decide to sell. Security / Barrier Doors can also provide visually pleasing appeal as they are available in a variety of styles, designs and colours. Please feel free to view our website to find what you are looking for whether it be Security Doors, Decorative Doors, Glass Insert Decorative Doors or Budget Doors. All C&R Home Ideas Security / Barrier Doors can be upgraded for increased levels of Security and are manufactured to your requirements.

Durable and Built to Last Aluminium Security Doors and Barrier Doors are probably one of the most durable security products today. Our Security Doors & Barrier Doors are Aluminium therefore resistant to rusting. This is why Aluminium is widely used in the Marine Industry. When you opt for an Aluminium Security Door or Barrier Door, you can have a product that won’t easily wear over time. If your home is near the coast, rusting can be a serious threat to your security door. You do not see it in plain sight, but salt particles can be carried by the wind or through the atmospheric humidity. The terrible thing about rusting is that it happens rapidly yet discreetly. You will only start to notice it when the damage is already big. With Aluminium Security Doors or Barrier Doors, you never need to worry about rusting. As for your Mesh options, C&R Home Ideas can provide a variety of mesh solutions from standard Flyscreen to Pet Mesh to 2mm Heavy Duty Aluminium perforated screen. 

Save on Electricity Costs A lot of homeowners do not link energy efficiency with Aluminium Security Doors & Barrier Doors. Shutting solid doors for security reasons, may prevent ample airflow. This can be an issue during summer months when it can get uncomfortably hot. Especially when temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius. To remain cool you will be required to turn on your air conditioning unit. Remembering air conditioners can consume significant amounts of energy. Therefore, you would have to deal with increasing electricity bills. When you have an Aluminium Security Door or Barrier Door, you can let air flow through your house. Maintaining a level of airflow throughout your home can minimise your air conditioning usage and save your hard earned money on your electricity bills. Also, when turning your air conditioning unit off, you are reducing your carbon footprint which can also be good for the environment.

Choosing the Right Security or Screen Door With improvements in technology, there are an increased amount of options when selecting Security Doors or Screen Doors While most frames are similar, mesh options differ markedly depending on your necessity. Stainless steel, perforated aluminium and expanded aluminium mesh. Then there are different locking mechanisms and frames. Each product has its pros and cons, for example some people want light and airflow, some want privacy, while others want the absolute strongest product for security.  C&R Home Ideas have all the answers on our website and blogs.


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