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CR Home Ideas Roller Shutters

5 Reasons Why??

C&R Home Ideas Roller Shutters Frankston Melbourne
C&R Home Ideas Security Roller Shutters Cranbourne Victoria
C&R Home Ideas Roller Shutters Seaford Victoria


Window coverings can assist immensley in keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Our aluminium Roller Shutters range insulates up to 80% cooler in summer and up to 70% warmer in winter therefore providing savings on your utilities bills.


A window covering can be the main attraction of a room. By selecting Shutters or Blinds you can have furnishings that integrate with your home both inside and out.


Are your windows facing a busy area? If so, noise can be an issue especially at night.

Tests have shown that Roller Shutters have an overall effect reducing noise levels from outside the premises.

Light and ventilation can be adjusted to create an atmosphere to suit your requirements.


C&R Roller Shutters are totally recyclable and hypoallergenic.


Roller Shutters provide additional security to your home from intruders.

Roller Shutters are hard to remove due to how they are fitted close to your window or door.

Roller Shutters by CR Home Ideas are a premium window Roller Shutter manufactured from interlocking aluminium slats, available throughout Australia.

The aluminium slats are injected with dense polyurethane foam; which provides more effective security, insulation and increased noise reduction over other options.

Our roller shutters offer value that other window coverings (e.g. blinds and awnings) cannot match. They come with up to 10 years warranty*.

While most window coverings are usually installed on your property’s exterior, our roller shutters can be installed anywhere. They will provide your property with a comprehensive range of benefits, including: security, energy savings, noise reduction, and more. 

C&R Home Ideas Roller Shutters Melbourne
C&R Home Ideas Window Roller Shutters Frankston Seaford Cranbourne Bayswater Dandenong Wantirna Mornington Currum Downs Skye
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