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Making the right selection for your needs

It is important our Customers make the correct decisions when purchasing a C&R Home Ideas Security or Barrier Door.

SECURITY DOORS and the 3 Point Locking System


A Barrier Door should not be confused with a Security Door and they do not function like a Security Door.

A Standard Barrier Screen Door has the option of many non grade screen / mesh types and is usually locked only at a single point.

The purpose of these types of Doors is to keep insects out, increase airflow, keep the toddlers or pets inside.

3 Point Locking.jpg

It is important to note that a Single Point Locking System does not meet Australian Standard AS 5039-2008: Security Screen Doors and Security Window Grilles standard.


To maintain the integrity of your security screen door, it is essential to use a triple lock.

Triple locks are significantly more secure as opposed to a single point lock for the simple reason that it locks at three points on the door jamb and can not be levered at the top or bottom.


All three locking points are activated by either turning the snib or by using a key. By turning the key you are able to deadlock the door.

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